2013 m. kovo 21 d., ketvirtadienis

Apie Latviją, bet gal tinka ir mums

Rašo Mark Adomanis iš Washington, D.C. (paspauskit, rasit visą straipsnį): "Latvia is the best example of an economic disaster somehow defined as a success"
Ir kelios ištraukos:
"Perhaps the best example of this tendency to define disaster as success is Latvia, a country that before the crisis everyone would immediately have labeled a catastrophe. Latvia, you see, has experienced no net economic growth since 2006: its 2008-2009 collapse was severe enough it still hasn’t returned it to its pre-crisis peak of activity, and likely won’t do so until 2015. Unemployment, at around 14%, is still eye-wateringly high, and real wages (those adjusted for inflation) in 2012 were about 5% smaller than they were back in 2007."
"Even more alarming for the country’s long-term economic prospects, Latvia’s population has been in free-fall. While there’s a lot of talk about a “brain drain” or “demographic crisis” in Latvia’s large and unloved neighbor, Russia, the simple truth is that Latvia might be the most demographically unstable country in the entire world. Since the year 2000, Latvia has lost more than 300,000 people, and its population has gone from around 2.3 million to just over 2 million."

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